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Crack [TOP]zSoft .Q: h:selectOneMenu always selects the first option on Firefox We have a h:selectOneMenu like below. It is used to select the position in the hierarchy of the current user. The thing is that the first option is selected automatically on Firefox on the first try, while on Chrome it works as expected. We're using Mojarra 2.1.28 on Tomcat 6.0.33. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Any solution or workaround? A: It seems that this is related to an old FF issue that has been fixed in FF 4.0.1. Please also read: "Change to f:selectItem on this issue". You can try it by upgrading to FF 4.0.1. (This is not a bug in Mojarra, it is a bug in the browsers.) Q: Installing ARB with Android Studio 1.3 I'm trying to install the Android Compatibility library as mentioned here I'm using Android Studio (1.3 Beta) with the latest Gradle (1.12) I've tried both command line and the IDE. However, I get these errors when trying to build the project: Error:(32, 0) Gradle DSL method not found: 'compileOptions()' Possible causes:The project 'android-libraries' may be using a version of the Android Gradle plug-in that does not contain the method (e.g. '2.3.3'). Open File Open Gradle Console Run 'gradlew' to run the build. build.gradle buildscript { repositories { mavenCentral() } dependencies { classpath '

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